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Brace yourself for an adventure with bite.

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Cavities are the least of your worries.


Terrible Teeth is now live on google play! Check it out here!

Terrible Teeth is an action arcade mobile game from Vile Media LLC. Play as Cornelius, a heroic kernel of corn trying to save his friends from certain doom in the mouth of a mutated monster!

Site is still under construction! More content coming soon!

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@ghosticle As of now, we are just having Facebook leader boards. If the game starts getting popular, we will look into both those ideas!

@vilemedia 6 years ago

RT @ChrisGianelloni: We are doing a AMA on Reddit about @TerribleTeeth - stop by!

@vilemedia 6 years ago

Monstrously massive updates coming very soon for @TerribleTeeth

@vilemedia 6 years ago

@_tomph No worries! Every bit counts to help make #openfl more solid. We'll be sure to share any more of our findings. #haxe #haxenme

@vilemedia 6 years ago

@PocketGamer please check out our highly polished #indiegame called @TerribleTeeth free for android

@vilemedia 6 years ago

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